Erin McCarthy
Head Coach
CF Level 1
CF Level 2
CF Kids
CF Gymnastics
CF Aerobic Capacity
LuluLemon Ambassador

Erin was born and raised only a few miles outside of Boston but she, along with her husband Pat and their two young children, now proudly call Vermont home. In addition to sharing parenting duties, Erin and Pat share a deep enthusiasm and passion for CrossFit, and the incredible relationships and camaraderie that inherently come with this unique fitness experience.

Erin was raised in a large family that cultivated the importance of an active lifestyle from a young age. She began working at a local health club since the age of 15 and was a competitive cheerleader and dancer while growing up. After high school Erin stayed active competing in marathons, triathlons, and various fun runs. In 2009, after the birth of her daughter, she made the life changing decision to join CrossFit. Erin started coaching in 2013, and in 2014 she changed her full-time career in order to achieve her goal of sharing her CrossFit experience and passion with others, and improving their quality of life, by opening the doors to MountainTrail CrossFit.

Supporting others is as important to me as believing in myself. I plan to thrive on your success. I want you to be healthier, stronger, faster, and fitter. I am a judgment free zone excited to work with each one of you to break down whatever barriers you show up with. CrossFit has been a gift that I cannot wait to share with you, and it is my hope that my experience, patience and passion will help you realize that you have the power to change and do anything you desire. You can flourish at any age or size; you just need to show up.


Stewart Ashley
CF Level 1
CF Striking
CF Weight Lifting


_DSC0951Born Burlington, VT. 54 Years ago.

Attended Westford Elementary School, Essex Junction Educational Center, and University  of Vermont and American Military University. Bachelor of Arts, American Military History.

• 1981 Mr. Boca Raton second place middleweight division.
• Vermont City Marathon  8 time finisher.
• Dozens of triathlons including Bud Light series, Burlington Triathlon and Colchester Triathlon.
• Two time finisher Vermont 50 miler as runner and ½ dozen times on mountain bike.
• Amateur boxing 1987-1989, including two times Vermont Golden Gloves.
• Death Race finisher 2007.

Learned about Crossfit in 2006 while working in Iraq. Looking forward to sharing my knowledge and enthusiasm for the sport with members of Mountain Trail CrossFit.


Deryk Roach
CF Level 1


Born in Thompson, Connecticut, in 1978, Deryk lived in several different states before attending high school in central Massachusetts. He grew up primarily as a three sport athlete involved in soccer, hockey and baseball, continued through high school (attained 1st and 2nd team all-state honors Division 2 soccer/hockey his senior year), and via club sports at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst. As an adult, Deryk has enjoyed volunteer coaching his two young sons, running half marathons, golfing, and playing co-ed soccer and hockey in local adult leagues. Deryk found CrossFit in May 2014, received his CF Level 1 at Reebok One in Canton in March 2015, and has enjoyed coaching part time at MTCF ever since. As a lifelong athlete, injuries and normal wear and tear had begun to creep their way into Deryk’s routines, causing delayed recovery and continued setbacks to the point that he needed to make a holistic change in his methods and approach. He joined CrossFit with his wife Colleen and has achieved continued improvement while minimizing injuries and meeting some great people along the way. “The support and comradery at MTCF inspires me to be consistent about showing up, but the process of CF is only partially physical. I have grown more confident, mentally tough, and positive about life and all of its challenges. Cross Fitters sacrifice themselves on a daily basis, with each other, in order to support one another and to test their own physicality – that feeling of accomplishment is what keeps me coming back.”




Nicole Talbert

Nicole Talbert


Nicole is a native Vermonter growing up in Hinesburg with her parents and two brothers. She attended Champlain Valley Union high school through her sophomore year. She made the decision to finish her high school career at Tilton, an out of state boarding school to broaden her education and athletics.

Growing up she was an avid soccer player and horse back rider. She played competitive soccer for both Nordic and Far Post, while also participating in equestrian competitions. During her time at CVU she played JV soccer and ran varsity track, where she earned many first place finishes, spots at states, and set a school record for pole vault. Once at Tilton she played varsity soccer, earned the title of captain, and also played varsity lacrosse. During her senior year she was asked to represent her school and lacrosse team in the 2009 All-Stars game.

Since high school Nicole has continued to pursue an active lifestyle. She enjoys hiking many of Vermont’s mountains with her dog, Echo and partner, Jesse. In 2015 both she and Jesse joined the CrossFit world and MTCF community. She quickly fell in love with the lifestyle, coaches and members.

Nicole received her CF-L1 in November of 2017 at the Reebok CrossFit One facility in Boston. She quickly started shadowing and subbing classes to gain the confidence to begin coaching her peers. In April 2018 she began coaching regular weekly classes. Currently she coaches 12-15 classes per week and has a large role in our community.

“I am excited to help the MTCF members become a better version of themselves while continuing my growth as a coach. I hope to complete the CrossFit Gymnastics course, and the CrossFit Weightlifting course to gain more valuable knowledge to transfer to all of you!”

Darcy Dunphy

Darcy Dunphy


Darcy is originally from Illinois, but has lived in New England since 2014. Growing up, Darcy never thought of herself as athletic. Her favorite sports were those that involved minimal running. However, Darcy decided to try CrossFit in 2013 after a back injury that required three years of intensive physical therapy. At first, she could barely even do a squat but the amazing community and the feeling of getting stronger everyday kept her going back. Darcy vigorously continued her fitness journey and became a coach because she wants to give back to the community what she has learned over her years of training. She loves coaching because it allows her to demonstrate that anyone can do CrossFit regardless of age, size, and athletic ability. Nothing makes her more excited than watching other people achieve goals that they didn’t think were possible. When Darcy isn’t in the gym, she enjoys being outdoors, hiking, camping, and paddleboarding.


“I love CrossFit for helping me physically, mentally & emotionally and want others to experience the same success that I have. I want people to know that fitness is attainable for everybody.”